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Submit Your Application

To start your journey with our online payment processing services, businesses need to submit a merchant application. This comprehensive application gathers all the necessary information required for setting up payment reception processes. Once the application is submitted, our team will review and upon approval, you gain access to our platform.

Submit Your Application - Asia Banks
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Integrate Our API

Following the completion of your account setup, the next step involves integrating our Application Programming Interface (API) into your website or mobile application. Our API facilitates smooth and secure transactions. Integration involves embedding code snippets to ensure a consistent payment experience.

Integrate Our API - Asia Banks
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Select the Countries & Payment Methods

Customize your payment processing by selecting countries and preferred payment methods. This step involves choosing the countries where you wish to introduce your offerings and facilitate payment collection. You can tailor your payment options based on your target audience and market preferences.

Select the Countries & Payment Methods - Asia Banks
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Start Collecting

Upon completing the steps mentioned earlier, you can start commencing payments from your platform. Users can make purchases via your website or application, and our secure payment processing system will handle transactions seamlessly.

Start Collecting - Asia Banks
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