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The demand for cross-border transactions has grown significantly as the global economy advances. Asia Banks is a specialized forex payment processor in India that facilitates international payments. Count on us to streamline the complexities of cross-border transactions. Leveraging our profound knowledge of local market nuances, we enable you to engage in global transactions, opening up new pathways for growth and success.

We support the widest payment options in India

Online Banking
HDFC Bank - Asia Banks
FEDERAL Bank - Asia Banks
More Bank are coming soon - Asia Banks

Virtual Account

The Virtual Account service India offers a unique virtual account number enabling you to seamlessly accept payments from ALL BANKS ACROSS INDIA. Utilize IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) for payment processing, while receiving comprehensive reports and notifications for each transaction.

UPI - Asia Banks

UPI Payment Service

Supports all major banks and e wallets in India

Reach millions of Indians with our comprehensive UPI payment processing solutions. Our service supports all major banks and e-wallets in India, ensuring customers have a wide range of payment options. UPI transactions can be initiated and completed within seconds, reducing the risk of payment failures. Deliver a smooth and instant payment experience to your customers.

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